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Ideas for downtime on a school sports trip

School sports trips are an amazing way for students to bond, but downtime is important too. Giving your team members a break from the sport is a great way to let them recoup while also allowing them to build connections over common interests outside of sports. A successful sports trip will not only include sports activities but will allow students the opportunity to relax – whether through a combination of sports and downtime, or a whole day off! Here are some ideas for how to wind down with your team members:

If you’re somewhere warm and beachy, spend a weekend relaxing on the beach. Your sportier students can work up a sweat playing volleyball on the sandy shores, while others can cool off in the water. Encourage them to get involved with a whole range of watersports or even just swimming! This is a great opportunity for your students to try their hand at a new sport – and they’ll love seeing their coaches and teachers get involved too. Some of them will just appreciate the chance to wind down and soak up the sun!

Why not take a break from the pitch and enjoy watching the pro players at work? Students have an incredible amount to learn from professional players – regardless of their sport. Scope out the national sport of the country you’re in and enjoy soaking up the local culture. Exposing students to a range of sports – not just the one they play – is a great way to develop their talents, as they transfer observed skills into their own games.

Even better, look out for tickets to see the local team play your team’s sport. Your group will appreciate the break from being on the pitch themselves, but who said you can’t learn something while having fun too? If your team members are passionate about their sport, they’ll love the opportunity to see their idols – or at the very least, admirably experienced players – in the flesh. Watching a match seems like the perfect excuse to “slack off”, but your team will pick up some new tips and tricks along the way too!

Or why not treat them to a well-deserved spa day? After long, hard days of training, anyone would appreciate the chance to wind down and loosen up their sore muscles. Give your team members a taste of luxury living with tickets to the local spa and sauna! Students can enjoy a massage or relax in the steam room. They will leave the spa feeling rejuvenated and ready to give their best performance once they get back on the field!

Take your group to enjoy some adrenaline pumping activities and build up their teamwork skills. Encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and get involved in something that they would never be able to try at home! Whether you choose to zip line through the mountains in Adventure Parks or take part in a high ropes course, students will love the opportunity to get stuck into something new – and it will leave them with lasting memories of the trip

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