Can we book all of our travel arrangements with you?
Yes, Travel HQ can book your flights, accommodation, transport and even your travel insurance and activities.

What does your service cost?

Our service is completely free.  Travel HQ is paid a commission by the service providers.

Do we need to pay a deposit?

This will depend on the travel service.  For example some motels require a deposit on booking, whereas others are happy to wait for full payment prior to checkin.  We will do our best to work to your requirements as often when applying for funding you cannot pay a deposit prior to receiving the funding. This is where our relationships with motels come into play as we can often negotiate with them.

Can you provide us with quotes for funding?

Absolutely, this is part of our service.  We will give you a quote for your preferred accommodation, flights etc along with a comparative quote that is usually required by funding providers.

What if I need to make changes to my team numbers?

This is not a problem - we understand that numbers can change.  There may be a charge, depending on what stage the booking is at and what the suppliers terms and conditions are.  

What if our trip is cancelled or postponed?

These things happen especially right now with covid!  When a booking is made we will give you the suppliers terms on deposit, payment and cancellation along with any other conditions.  Many are understanding and will allow cancellation due to covid with no charge.


Can we pickup our vehicle at the Airport?

Yes, most rental car companies offer airport pickup.  Some are located in the airport (generally they are more expensive), some will arrange to do the hire directly at the airport and others offer airport pickup (ie they will pickup the drivers and take them to the office, on the outskirts of the airport, to sign the paperwork).  

How much luggage space is in the vans?

Some vans have only room for passengers and minimal luggage space (in which case a luggage trailer is recommended).  Other vans have a luggage cage in the rear of the van and a luggage trailer is not needed.  We will book the best configuration for your teams needs.

Can we hire a trailer and do the vans have towbars?

Most rental car companies hire luggage trailers and therefore have minibuses with towbars.  If you book a luggage trailer we will ensure the van has a towbar. 

Can we hire 12 seater vans and 8 seater people movers?

Most rental car companies have a range of minibuses, ranging from 8 seater people movers up to 12 seaters (some even have 15 seaters). We will work with you to book the best configuration for your team.

How many drivers can we have and is there a cost for additional drivers?

Many rental car companies allow unlimited drivers with no extra cost.  Others allow 1 or 2 and additional drivers are an extra cost.  If you take an insurance waiver you may only be allowed 1 or 2 drivers.

What is the minimum driver’s age?

This ranges from 21 with some rental car companies to 25 or more with others.  We will review your drivers ages at the time of booking.  All drivers must have a current and valid full drivers licence.

What is the insurance excess and can we buy it out?

Insurance excesses range across rental car companies.  Generally a credit card is held on file to cover the insurance excess and some operators take a hold on the credit card to cover the excess amount. A debit card cannot be used for the insurance security. Most operators offer insurance buyout which lowers the excess, this varies from a zero excess to a set amount.  This can be added to the daily rate and we will discuss this when you make your booking.


Does the Motel provide parking for the trailer and van?

Yes, we will ensure that the motel has sufficient parking for the vehicles that you will be driving.

Does the Motel have cooking facilities and full kitchens?

We understand that groups need full cooking facilities to cook for the team and therefore keep costs down.  Generally at least one full oven is required.  We will work with your requirements and provide you a list of motels that suit your needs to choose from.

Does the Motel have a spa and swimming pool?

We know that many sports teams like to have these for hot and cold therapy.  We will work to your accommodation budget and provide you with a list of motels that have these facilities if required.

Will the Motel be close to the sports ground or venue?

We endeavour to source accommodation that is close to your venue.  Depending on your budget you may choose a motel close to the venue or one further away.

Will everyone have their own bed?

Yes, we are experienced on providing accommodation for teams and especially sports groups.  Generally players sleep in bigger units to keep costs down and adults are placed in separate units.  Everyone will have their own bed and generally no sofa beds (unless you prefer to utilise these to keep costs down).

Does the Motel have a laundry?

If a laundry is required we will ensure the motel booked has this facility.

What time can we check in and can we get early check in or late check out?

Generally checkin is 2pm and check out is 10am.  However due to our relationships with motels we can often negotiate earlier checkin and later check out if required.  If you are flying in earlier or flying out later we can request the motel to look after your luggage.


What is the minimum size required for a group booking?

The minimum size to make a group booking is 10 passengers.  Group prices generally become invalid if numbers fall below 10 adults.

What are the terms for group bookings ie when do we need to pay a deposit and when is the balance required?

This varies between airlines.  As a guide, Air New Zealand will hold a booking for 30 days prior to confirmation.  Once the booking is secured a date will be given for the non refundable and non transferrable deposit of $50 per person.  The balance is required one month prior to the departure date.  Any seat reductions after the final due date will incur the full ticket cost and once ticketed, fare conditions apply.


When do we need to provide passengers’ names?

This varies between airlines.  As a guide, Air New Zealand requires passenger names one month prior to your departure date.

What is the luggage allowance?

This varies between airlines.  As a guide, Air New Zealand allows one checked in bag per person with a maximum of 23kg.  Carry on bag is up to 7kg per person.   

Can we take extra luggage over the allowance?

This varies between airlines. As a guide, Air New Zealand allows extra bags to be purchased. We recommend buying extra bags prior to your departure date, as the cost is more expensive if additional bags are purchased at the airport.

Can we change names, flight dates or time?

This varies between airlines.  As a guide, Air New Zealand allows name changes free of charge up until 48 hours prior to travel departure. No name changes are permitted within 48 hours of departure and a new ticket must be purchased. Flight changes are permitted 48 hours prior to departure.  A service fee applies as well as the difference in fare.  No flight changes are permitted within 48 hours of departure and a new ticket must be purchased. There is no refund on flight cancellation.

Please note:

Travel suppliers have different rules regarding deposits and cancellation, therefore the above is a guide only.  When you make a booking with us we will provide you with the terms and conditions of each provider.